When SHIFT Happens


Modernise your application architecture to unbundle monolithic applications that work across multiple hosts and operating environments with Open Source architecture for physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Setup and Configure

Install, set up, and configure our Redhat Openshift platform to best support an organisation-wide container and application modernisation strategy within a hybrid IT environment.


Make the adoption of containers viable for all enterprise applications and automate your workloads across multiple infrastructure deployments to introduce business agility and responsiveness.

Run and Support

Install, set up, and configure, run and support your Redhat Openshit platform to manage, secure and ensure compliance with all your container deployments.


Ensure compliance and observability for container deployments that meet your enterprise governance standards and security requirements.

It just happens

With experts from Red Hat and Obsidian Systems, Danie and Karl discuss Red Hat OpenShift container strategies and its charms and challenges.

Linux Containers

When workloads get complex, architecture and operating systems need to be reliable, scalable. Linux is the stable foundation for all workloads and deployments - especially for containers.
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Automation is more than technology replacing human assistance. The impact of a DevOps culture where changes to code are dynamic and frequent requires processes to scale and accelerate workflows.
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Development teams can make quick changes to applications when building new components required for your business needs, without having to halt, break or disrupt your entire app using containers.
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A single pane of observability of your security makes risk management, compliance and governance visible and manageable for all areas of your IT Infrastructure for containers - across all platforms.

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Shift to Open

Are you looking to adopt an enterprise container strategy? Is there a sure-fire way of implementing the combination of software and orchestration of complex infrastructure?

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